Media format: Digital Downloads
Catalog No.: BNP007
Genre: Downtempo, Electronica, Ambient, Chillout, Psychill
Release date: 30.4.2012

Release Notes

Beats & Pieces are happy to present you with the third and much anticipated album from (val)Liam- Dissolving Archetypes.

(val)Liam is the musical interpretation of the various daydreams of Canadian composer and producer Liam Skogland. Liam uses ambient and downtempo electronic music as a guide for constructing mental and emotional atmospheres from modern classical interpretations; conducive to contemplating, meditating, wondering, and daydreaming.

In Dissolving Archetypes (val)Liam goes further along his sonic journey, exploring new concepts, soundscapes and atmospheres. The result is a compilation of spacious melodies, mellow beats, and smooth, rhythmic pulses.

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