Media format: Didital Downloads
Catalog No.: BNPD002
Genre: Electronica, Downtempo, Dubstep, Breaks
Release date: 11.4.2011

Release Notes

Beats & Pieces is happy to follow up our very successful and highly praised Outersect album- God Loves the Fool, with a digital EP dedicated to the more dance side of Outersect- Fool’s Fire EP. Outersect has been performing extensively since the release of the album, and we share with you here some of the mixes and remixes that has been making the dancefloor move and add a fresh new track on top. Outersect’s unique combination of the best jumpy psychill, techno-bluegrass, ethnic touches and 70s progressive rock influences is still here, flavoured with extra bass to make your body move. Follow the Fool’s Fire...


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