(val)Liam represents the digitized thoughts of Liam Skogland, hailing from Canada. After spending several years as a connoisseur of chillout and ambient music, Liam eventually felt compelled to write music of his own. After learning how to play guitar and through the advent of computer music technology, Liam felt he was able to create music good enough for public ears, resulting in the release of "Early Reflections" on the net label Dewtone in 2004. Afterwards Liam released a few tracks on compilations, and then in April 2009 he released his first full length album - Daydreamer - with Celestial Dragon.
(val)Liam's sound has been described as melodic, spacey and atmospheric, while covering a broad range of styles from beatless spaces to deep, rhythmic pulses. His second album - Dissolving Archetypes - will be released on Beats & Pieces in 2012.