Inside Universe is the psychedelic chillout project of Rafael Hernandez from Mexico, also known from his Dub project in Dub. Rafeal’s background as a drummer with forays into guitar and bass playing combined with his career as an electronic and dance music DJing and production, is the reason for his deep musical realizations, as are his diverse musical tastes both as a producer (Psydub, Dub, Chillout, Psytrance, Goa, Progressive & Ethnic Trance) and as a music enthusiast (Dub, Ambient, Jazz, Reggeae, Electronic Music, Ethnic Music).
As Rafael offers more introspective and deeper sonic journeys. Here the inspiration comes from within and it is the mind that travels. He released quite a few EPs and compilation tracks as and the first full length album, Inside Universe, was released on Beats & Pieces in July 2012.