Outersect is Rob Rayle's mostly electronic downtempo studio music project.
Rob is a San Francisco based creator of psychedelic music, who spent years composing and performing in rock bands before Nevada's Burning Man festival altered his musical direction. Rob began working to develop his own sound and to bring together a community of kindred spirits.
His live productions, performances, DJ sets, and his collaboration with other local artists and collectives have created memorable musical events across the West Coast of the USA.

The first Outersect album, Caldera, was released in September 2007 on Heart's Eye Records from San Francisco) to worldwide acclaim. The track Kali Ma was released on Aleph-Zero's Natural Born Chillers 2 compilation in March 2009. The second full length Outersect CD - God Love the Fool - was released on Beats & Pieces in April 2010. A remixes EP- Fool's Fire has followed in April 2011.

Outersect is also an expert in physical modeling synthesis of acoustic musical instruments. Most of the seemingly acoustic sounds on his tracks are actually synthesized using the Outersect Modeler for the Kyma Capybara 320.