Lucid Dream EP

Mindex's musical path began at the age of 15, when he first heard Drum & Bass. His reaction was - Wow! What is that?
Since that moment Mindex felt unconscious craving to create this kind of music, however, it was not yet clear where to learn this art. Only after a few more years, he found out from the radio about the existence of analog synths, and that his favorite music is made with computers and software. After that, it became clearer in which direction to proceed. In the age of 19 he got his firs computer, and from that moment began a period of intensive acquaintance with the world of software and music making technologies; A period of active experiments and exploring a plethora of different styles of music, starting from Classical and Jazz and all the way to the most weird IDM.
The first tracks were made using Sony Acid Pro and Rebirth RB-303. Later Mindex switched to Cubase and bought all necessary equipment for high-quality sound production. By that time he had gone quite deep in his sound experiments, and dipped his hands in almost all directions of electronic music, such as Psytrance, Minimal Techno, Breakbeat, Electro, Ambient & IDM. Having absorbed the most interesting elements of each style, Mindex eventually acquired his own recognizable signature sound, warm and lush and dominated by casts of Jazz, Glitch-Hop, Trip-Hop, Dubstep and always with a touch of psychedelia.
Always evolving from one release to the next Mindex keep surprising with innovations, and keeps you on the edge curious as to what will come next.