Earth Feelings

Jule Grasz has been in love with music right from her early childhood days. Her first instrument was the harp, and she was only 4 years old! She had played the harp, and later keyboards, began to sing and write lyrics and learned to play guitar as well.
Since 1995 Jule Grasz was making music intensively and passionately, mostly guitar pop, rock, and acoustic songs. In 1995 she started composing with her good friend Ralf Ray Meissner. And later she started collaborating with Mikle Maass, a great guitarist and composer, and their intensive musical cooperation, continues till these days. In 2000 she started producing her own music as a solo artist. She released few songs on compilations.
The end of 2006 found Jule Grasz starting to compose electronic music. Her first Chillout & Electronica album - Sun and Moon - was released on Australian label Blue Pie. She's also a part of Solarmounts, a chillout and ambient project with spacey guitars and vocals. Their debut album - Stereochromatic - was also released with Blue Pie in 2007. Two of her electro tracks appeared in 2008 in supplement CDs to the Synthesizer Magazine. Her first tech house EP - Clockwork - was released in Faxside Records in 2009, and there's another vinyl on its way.
Jule Grasz is also DJing and performing live, both for her dance & downtempo projects.

Her new album - Earth Feelings - will be released on Beats & Pieces in 2012. Expect hypnotic downtempo beats incorporated into long sonic journeys and excursions.