Nick Klimenko is a composer, sound designer and performer from Moscow, Russia. Through his music he shares life’s substance and the universal flow of emotional exchange and passion with the world around him. Besides writing and producing music and performing it, Nick also develops virtual instruments, sound libraries and does other audio work. He is also the originator of an electronic musical school ( and an author of musical education courses.

Chronos music can be easily recognized by its strong atmosphere, ever present emotional strick, its musicality and by the blend of acoustic instruments into the dominant electronic pattern. Genre wise it can be said it explores the paths between ambient, chillout, ethnic music and psychedelic hypnotic trance vibrations.

He released two albums already: Steps to the Greater Knowledge (Sunline Records, 2007) and with Catalizer, Quid est Veritas? (Ajana Records, 2009), and many compilation tracks and remixes. Chronos also performs regularly at festivals and events in Russia and around the world and has shared the stage with the leading acts of the scene.

These days he is releasing his new album Inspirational Power at Beats & Pieces, and is already working on his next album.