Beats & Pieces is an electronica label aiming to release quality music in a variety of styles. We have a strong belief in diversity and inter-connectivity and feel that in today's world limiting one's self to one genre or niche is passé. Beats & Pieces' vision therefore touches a variety of styles: electronica, chillout, ambient, downtempo, ethnic, experimental, IDM, glitch, dub, lounge, electro, psychedelic and more, with ventures into dance music as well, and without being afraid to experiment and travel into new realms. The only two limiting factors for us are that our music will be electronic based, because we love electronic music; and that it will be quality music, because we believe in quality.
Our artists roster so far includes: Krusseldorf, Outersect, Chronos, in Dub, (val)Liam, Aligning Minds, Agalactia, Lauge & Baba Gnohm, Kundara, Jule Grasz & Surbahar.

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